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Why Document Management System is Useful in a Work-From-Home Setting
July 1, 2020 by Oliver Tan

The COVID-19 pandemic has stricken the world, and many people are forced to stay at home for indefinite periods of time. Because of this, people are no longer allowed to travel to their physical worksites. This brings a burden to a lot of private businesses, thus leading to budget cuts, layoffs, and even permanent closures as their operations are forced to cease due to a lack of means to maintain the constant operation of the businesses.

However, many businesses are deciding to come up with a way to keep themselves in operation even when forced to stay at home to fight the pandemic: they pursue an alternative working arrangement called the “Work-From-Home” or “Telecommuting” arrangement. This is when regular business activities (like company meetings, conferences, letter-sending, and so on) are being conducted, but this time, in the online realm (through the usage of videoconferencing applications, e-mailing, social media, etc.).

Due to the rise of the Telecommuting, people are also losing access to their business’ important documents as they are stored in their physical worksites. They can’t just travel to the office and unknowingly expose themselves to COVID-19 just because they need to retrieve a specific document. This is when the Dokumento Document Management System (DMS) comes in. Dokumento is a cloud-based DMS and Workflow in one which enables people to search, archive, edit, classify, route and even approve documents to a cloud-computing system, Dokumento can be useful in Telecommuting because people can just log-in from any computer and/or mobile device with internet while staying home, and they can have easier access to important documents in just one click. With this, Dokumento can also enable people to complete tasks related to submitting important documents and contracts quickly without having to brave themselves to the COVID-torn streets just for a document.

How Dokumento helps people in adapting to the future?
July 29, 2020 by Rene Tan

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, normal lives of ordinary people ended up being distorted: people no longer adhered to their daily routines, namely waking up from bed, bringing the kids to school, and then commuting themselves to the office. Instead, they had to stay under the roof of their houses or risk getting unknowingly infected and even killing others by spreading the infection. This breaking up of the status quo left people in shock, anxiety, and uncertainty as they are no longer aware about what will happen in the future as they could not see the virus and they have to wait for a vaccine before reverting to their normal routines again. However, this is also a blessing in disguise: the pandemic is also forcing people to change their mindsets about daily life: (1) it forces ordinary people to give more time to reflect their inner feelings towards themselves and other people so that they can have time to team up and act to deal with the pandemic while a vaccine is not yet around and (2) it encourages ordinary people to divert from dwelling on the past, present, and the short-term (as in less than 5 years) and then take advantage of past and present situations to think long-term (as in for 30+ years) strategies that consider not only their current generation but also generations from the next one and onwards. This is called “futures thinking”. To make matters worse, there is a chance that people won’t return to the pre-pandemic normal again.

In this way, for people to adopt a “futures thinking” mindset, especially during the pandemic, they have to consider adapting to the demands of the 21st century. This is when Dokumento comes in. In fact, since Dokumento allows ordinary people to scan old and important documents, view a list of documents, classify them, set permissions to them, and even submit them to other people from the comforts of your own computer operating from home. Hence, with Dokumento, ordinary people can still go on with their ordinary work operations without even leaving their homes, thus adapting to the demands of the future, especially the distortion of normal lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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